Many people has confusions on the role and terminology above. Does it really matter? Maybe. Is there any distinction between the roles? Definitely.

My opinion may differ from others , but the picture above has the closest and more accurate description of the roles in my industry experience.

Usually, this kind of things are considered petty. Would not really matter, in casual conversational context. Also, it would not be relevant if a person even cannot differentiate IT professionals in software,hardware or network line, asking you fix their physical routers and shits..lmao..

However, in terms of selecting the right title and designation for your company job role, i think it matters due to the fact on role expectation and passion & strength focus for career development.

At the end of the day, we are all considered coders. Unless of course, you are just doing html and css plainly, which doesnt really account much into these role/title descriptions.

So here comes a new web war topic.. haha desingerdeveloper